Who invented WiFi?

Hedy Lamarr's Patent for "Frequency Hopping"
Hedy also had a very keen intellect that she wanted to use for the Allied war effort. Her idea was for a radio-controlled torpedo. It would be guided by a signal that couldn't be intercepted. She called this signal technology "frequency hopping." She eventually received a US Patent (2,292,387) for a "secret communication system." Frequency hopping was the precursor for the technology that makes GPS, cell phones and WiFi possible. The patent was issued to Hedy Kiesler Markey (her married name in 1942).

Lamarr may have been inspired by one of her six husbands. Fritz Mendl was a wealthy arms manufacturer. She spent evenings listening to (and obviously understanding) his thoughts about top secret weapons. Lamarr’s other inventions, including a better Kleenex box and a new traffic signal, were never developed.

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